What So Proudly We Hail

This is a documentary on the history of the Star Spangled Banner, and the hidden truths about the third verse of the song. Through the guidance of Tim Reid (Emmy-nominated Actor, Director & Producer) and under the direction of DeWayne Wickham (Dean of the School of Global Journalism & Communication, Morgan State University), we were able to use our creativity as a group and put this together.

Contribution: Assistant Director, 2nd Camera Operator, and Researcher


HBCUs State of the Union

A conversation with the Congressional Black Caucus and National Educational Leadership. The discussion was moderated by Benjamin Jealous, with panelists, Lezli Baskerville, Esq, President and CEO of the National Association of for Equal Opportunity in Education (NAFEO); Dr. Brian Bridges, Vice president for Research and Member Engagement of the United Negro College Fund, and Dr. Arthur McMahon, Senior.

Contribution: Producer, Editor, Camera Operator, Writer


MSUSGJC Media Week Promo

This is a promotional video for The Morgan State University School of Global journalism and Communication’s Media Week in February 2018.

Contribution: Producer, Editor, Camera Operator, Interviewer


Super Senior

In this video, you will learn what it means to be a super senior while I take you into the life of a student that was at Morgan for six years. He started his freshman year in 2005 and graduated in 2011. Marcus Hicks did not mean to be in school for that long…many students don’t. But he allowed the money to deter him away from obtaining his degree.

Contribution: Producer, Camera Operator, Writer, Interviewer, Editor


Maryland Science Olympiad 2017

Maryland Science Olympiad 2017 hosted by Morgan State University.

Contribution: Producer, Director, 1st Camera Operator, Editor


125 Years At the Afro

An enlightening interview about the Afro-American Newpaper’s coverage of the presidential elections over the past 125 years. This interview was conducted by DeWayne Wickham with the Afro-American Newspaper’s very own Jake Oliver.

Contribution: Producer, Director, 1st Camera Operator, Editor


Salah: A Prayer

This is a short story on my friend and former roommate Saudah Ahmad. She is of the Islamic faith and I wanted to capture her in the element of prayer. Although it is very sacred, she let me in and I was able to learn a little about her sacred moment with Allah.

Contribution: Photographer, Interviewer, Editor


Sustainable House

This is a documentary on the history of House Music and how it sustains itself.

Contribution: Director, 1st Camera Operator, Writer, Editor, Researcher Audio, Lighting


Morgan State University Receives a $5 Million Grant

Morgan State University’s BearTV reporter Jazmine Hawes gives insight to the $5 Million grant received by Morgan Alum and well-known Philanthropist, Calvin Tyler and his wife, Tina.

Contribution: Reporter, Researcher, Writer, Producer


WBAL Honors Morgan State University w/ A Set

WBAL-TV Channel 11 passes down their old set to the Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication.

Contribution: Reporter, Writer, Researcher, Producer


Morgan State University Receives First Full Patent

Morgan State University’s BearTV reporter Jazmine Hawes interviews Dr. Kadir Aslan on his Crystallization Method for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Contributor: Reporter, Writer, Researcher, Producer